Hi, I’m Patrick.

If you were looking for the old SEO Spin services, we’re closed now, let me explain…

I started SEO Spin back in 2010, and for the following 11.5 years, we sold a range of content and SEO services.

We decided to stop selling services in September 2021. We realised that the niche we operated in (low-cost productized SEO services) doesn’t have a place in the modern SEO world.

We had tried to pivot into SEO audits on video, but I found the performance aspect of trying to do audits in one take exhausting. I would soon burn out if I did video audits full time. I love auditing sites, just not on the clock like that.

I didn’t think it was possible to train someone either because the value I offered in the videos came from my experience.

I’m now switching to work freelance so I can work on things like SEO audits without the pressure of trying to squeeze in into a predefined product.

I also want to actually ‘do SEO’ without all of the distractions of running a client services business.

I have a few websites I’ll be working on on the side, including this one.

I’m going to keep seospin.com alive as an SEO Blog and see where it goes. (update: probably not going to have time to blog for SEO Spin, my other blogs and my freelance work is already enough)

The journey continues.

Stay in touch.

SEO Spin