About Us


Who Are We?

SEO Spin is a white label SEO link building service provider with a global customer base. We specialise in supporting resellers such as marketing agencies, SEO consultants and web design companies. We have no membership fee and no minimum order value, so our wholesale pricing is not exclusive to bulk buyers..

Our Story


SEO Spin originally launched in Staffordshire, UK in 2010. Our original objective was to offer services that competed with the pricing of SEO companies in India and The Philippines but rivaled the quality of product and customer service offered by the higher priced western competition.


After a few years of helping hundreds of webmasters get their websites to the top positions of Google, we realised that our unique balance of affordability, quality, reliability and unrivalled support was attracting more and more agencies and SEO consultants wanting to use us as a wholesale link building provider.


In 2012 we relocated to Causeway Bay, Hong Kong and our focus switched purely to offering effective white label services to agencies at wholesale prices. We particularly enjoyed helping startups, often from their bedrooms, grow in to agencies with hundreds of clients.


Due to the Covid-19 Crisis we have ceased trading in Hong Kong and moved back to Stoke on Trent in the UK for the foreseeable future.


Our first-class support, effective & currently relevant strategy advice, talented production team and adherence to deadlines have helped us grow into the supplier of hundreds of SEO, marketing and web design agencies worldwide.


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