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Industry Blog Links FAQ & Results Proof

By March 12, 2020January 29th, 2021SEO Spin Updates

We had a bunch of questions about our new service so I’ve answered them all below…


[EDIT] ‘Industry blog Links’ and ‘Authority Posts’ are both found on our site as ‘PBN Links’ as Niche and General.

On Monday we sent out an email to our subscribers offering early access to our new service ‘Industry Blog LinksContextual high DA links on niche relevant blogs‘.

EDIT: As of 27/06/2020 we have merged and renamed ‘Industry Blog Links’ and ‘Authority Posts’ to ‘PBN Links‘. Buy PBN links here.

This is a private resource of around 1500 blogs that I’ve been testing for some time with consistent results, and consistent quality.

Available niches: Auto, Business, Dating, Education, Finance, Fashion, Food, Gambling, General, Green/Environment, Health, Home Improvement, Law, Lifestyle, Music/Entertainment, Pets, Sports, Shopping, Tech, Travel & Weddings.

Typical DA across all niches is 20-40

I guess as this page is public, this post also acts as a soft-launch to everyone who isn’t on our mailing list (full product pages coming soon). You can not navigate to Industry Blog Links in our system until it is fully launched, you have to follow the links in this post or in the emails I sent.


Q: Is this a PBN?

A: Yes this is a private blog network (PBN) in the sense that all the sites are ultimately controlled by a single entity. They are not in a ‘network’ though, there are about 1500 different blogs all on different servers with different registrars, etc. There are no footprints and the quality control on the topics posted on each site is very strict.


Q: Do PBNs still work?

A: Yes it’s no secret that PBNs still work if you use them properly, a lot of very well-known SEOs admit they still use them effectively. I am also personally seeing results on the projects using Industry Blog Links, here are some examples I’m tracking in SerpBook:











Q: OK PBNs still work, but are they safe?

A: There is a chance that you could get a ‘manual action’ for ‘unnatural links’ from Google, but these are incredibly rare these days. What usually happens, in my experience, if Google finds a PBN site they just de-index it without penalizing all the websites they link to. The reward outweighs the risk, in my opinion. Having said that, it is important that you build a diverse link profile and don’t solely depend on PBNs. People often blame PBNs for a loss of rankings, but under inspection it is almost always the case that they were abusing anchor text. The fact that those over-optimised anchors (i.e a high percentage of your inbound links had unnatural exact keyword link text) were on PBNs was irrelevant as they would have had the same problem if those anchors were on ‘white hat’ link sources.


Q: Can I use Industry Blog Links as tier 2 links?

A: Yes you can harness the power of PBNs indirectly, this is a great usage for them (especially if you’re not willing to take the risk mentioned above). The best case would be to build links to your guest posts and any other links acquired from outreach. We will not link our PBN to other provider’s PBNs though. While we’re on the topic, I also recommend that you level-up your Guest Posts – and even PBN posts – with Social Signals.


Q: What’s the difference between Industry Blog Links and Authority Posts?

A: The PBN we use for Authority Posts is a general PBN (not split into different industries). The average DA, etc. of Authority Posts is a lower (which is why they’re half the price of Industry Blog Links).


Q: What’s the difference between Industry Blog Links and Guest Posts?

A: Guest Posts/Outreach (let me know if you want discounted pre-launch trial orders!) are posts on websites owned by individuals whereas Industry Blog Links (and Authority Posts) are links on websites that we control.


Q: Can I see examples of the posts?

A: If you’re someone that we can confirm we’ve worked with before and can be trusted, then yes I can show you one or two example blogs.


Q: Are these homepage links?

A: No, they are links inside new posts hand written for you, that are posted to new pages on the blogs. New posts will appear in the homepage feeds, but how long they stay there will vary depending on how frequently the blog updates. This is a single payment service, not homepage rental.


Q: How do I order?

A: Go here and complete the simple order form! Don’t forget to use coupon EARLYACCESS for 15% off.


Q: Anything else new coming in 2020?


A: You betcha! As alluded to above, we’re rolling out Guest Posts to everyone very soon. We’ll then be; rethinking our monthly link building packages and adding complete SEO, offering several types of manual onsite audits, competition and keyword research/analyses, content creation from basic articles to expert level linkable-assests, adding more local-specific services, and possibly bringing back a service that was an old favourite.

So if you don’t already receive our emails, use the sign up box below and you’ll be the first to know each time we have more link opportunities and SEO services ready to boost your campaigns…



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