Who are SEO Spin?

Check out our about us page for the SEO Spin story.

What does SEO Spin mean?

SEO = Search Engine Optimisation

SPIN = Nothing in particular, just thought it sounded pretty cool.

Why should I trust SEO Spin with my client’s link building?

We’ve been providing link building services since 2010 and have been involved in thousands of SEO campaigns. Over the years we’ve seen everything from spectacular wins to epic failures, and everything in between. We analyse everything. At any one time we are monitoring hundreds of rankings for clients, we know what currently gets results, and what doesn’t.

From London to Melbourne, Bangkok to New York, we’re trusted by hundreds of SEO consultants and marketing agencies and many of them have stuck with us since the very beginning.

If you’re considering SEO Spin as a wholesale link building supplier to power your clients sites then you’re in the right place, that’s what we’ve been specialising in for the past 3 years: White label no-nonsense link building that gets results.

If you’re thinking about using SEO Spin to power your own websites then, lucky you! You just saved yourself a load of dough by coming straight to the source: you have instant access to our wholesale rates with no minimum order requirement.

What big brands do you work with?

None. That’s not what we’re about. Big brands don’t need link building services because they attract links naturally. It’s small-medium businesses that need to build links if they want to compete, and that’s the kind of businesses our resellers generally work for.

We work as a supplier to many big marketing agencies, but as a white-label SEO service provider, we would not/could not name them or their clients publicly.

What do you mean by “White Label” SEO?

White label means that there is no branding – no trace whatsoever – of SEO Spin in our report or in any of the content we publish on your behalf. As far as your customer knows you’ve done all the work yourself.

Do you guarantee results?

We are a link building company, not SEO consultants, so we cannot guarantee rankings. This is because SEO results depend on much more than just the links you have. There are over two hundred ranking factors including, but not limited to; the quality and depth of your content, the technical set-up of your website, the quality of your link building before you used SEO Spin, the keyword usage on your website, etc. Things we can’t control.

We will always be willing to give you our best advice based on results we’ve achieved for other clients, and we will always advise you on best practice for the usage of each of our individual services.

It is in our interest for you to get results, and we’ll do everything we can to help you achieve them, but without total control of your website we can’t guarantee them.

Why do you only ever talk about Google?

At the time of writing (according to this source) Google has a 70%+ search market share.

Ranking in Google should be your number one priority. If you correctly optimise for Google then you’ll invariably do well in the other search engines.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Goddamnit! . We promised ourselves we’d launch the new design without any annoying ‘coming soon’ features. But our affiliate program is coming REALLY soon, it’s already integrated in to our CMS. We just need to finalise the details.

If you’ve got referrals ready to go then contact us now, we do already have a few manual referral deals in place with trusted partners.

Do you have a reseller program?

We are a white label link building service with no minimum order requirement. You’re all on reseller rates!

We may consider bulk pricing on really big one-time orders, it depends what it is and how many. Please give us the details and we’ll see what we can do.

Other than that just make sure you’re on our promo list so you don’t miss out on any discount coupons.

Payment & Billing FAQs

What payment methods do you accept?

The primary payment method that we accept is PayPal, most of our customers pay this way. As frustrating as some of their policies and fees can be, they’re still the most recognised, secure, and globally accessible payment system.

You can pay as you go, or pre-load your account using the ‘Add Funds’ feature in our system (this is a good choice if you have assistants placing your individual orders). Contact us for more info on the Add Funds feature.

We will also accept bank transfers to our business account for amounts over $500. Either use it to pay an outstanding invoice or we’ll credit the amount to your SEO Spin account so you can order as you please throughout the month, without having to checkout with PayPal every time. Contact us to organise a transfer.

Why are all of your prices in USD?

US dollars are the international standard currency for internet marketing services.

PayPal will automatically convert USD to you local currency when you make a payment.

Will I receive a tax invoice?

You will receive an itemised and addressed invoice for every transaction. But it won’t be a tax invoice because there is no VAT in Hong Kong, where SEO Spin is based.

What is the SEO SPIN refund policy?

Generally we don’t issue refunds as our services are labour intensive and that labour cannot be undone.

We strive to make every customer happy with every order that they place. We will happily revise content and make technical adjustments if any work we carry out is inaccurate.

If you feel that we have not delivered what we have advertised then we will consider a monetary refund.

We do not issue any refunds based on SEO results, traffic or revenue. We make no guarantees on the effect our link building services will have on your business.

I’m new to SEO SPIN. Can I have a discount?

Yes you can, if order our Super Packs or Monthly SEO plans you get a built in 20-30% discount compared to ordering individual services. They’re a great introduction to our range of services, at a great price.

Do I need to enter into a contract to use your services?

Most of our services are ‘à la carte’, so you pay as you go with no contract.

Our Monthly SEO package and some other services with pay monthly options have no contract, you can cancel at any time.

There are more FAQs on the pages for each service, but if you still have questions, feel free to contact us any time.