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Looking to outsource your link building? SEO Spin have been providing link building services to marketing agency the world over since 2010.

We can help your clients website rank in Google with domain authority focused link building strategy.


Who Outsources Link Building?

Affiliate marketers – Affiliates build websites around 3rd party products and get commissions for any leads or sales they refer to them. Successful affiliates use SEO outsourcing to give themselves time to build more websites and focus on other areas of marketing, such as ads. Affiliates tend to be well-educated in SEO and usually use a-la-carte backlink services to build their own campaigns.

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Small medium-sized business owners – SMB/SME owners, in my experience, are the most prone to being ripped-off by SEOs when SEO outsourcing. They generally have very little knowledge of SEO and fall easily in to traps such as “guaranteed ranking in 2 weeks” and other nonsense like that. I’ve encountered a lot of SMBs that have been wildly overcharged, such as paying for performance on keywords that have no traffic. They often pay rates for consultants or agencies to handle strategy but, with the right education, they could go directly to outsource link building and get the same results for much less cost. It’s completely understandable, however, that in a lot of cases going directly to an agency/consultant to outsource SEO in full, is the best option for a busy business owner, as it’s totally hands-off.

In-house SEOs – Large businesses often employ an ‘in-house’ SEO specialist or manager. Their job is usually making sure the in-house content creators are producing optimised content, the company’s web developers are staying in-line with SEO best practices, and then organising the brand’s link building campaign. All, or part, of the link building aspect is almost always outsourced to link specialists.

Outsourced Link Building Company

If you are thinking of building something similar to the SEO Spin business model, bear this in mind: It took me about 12 months of using hundreds of freelancers until I found some pretty solid guys that gave me the confidence to offer services to agencies on a large scale. To build a link building agency, you need to build teams of freelancer link builders and content creation experts, teach them your link building process, then hire the good ones on full time contracts (exclusive where possible) in a project management position, then get them to do future hires in their specific area for you, and compensate them accordingly. Essentially, these freelancers then become contractor companies with their own sub-contractors. You’re only dealing with one person for each element of each service, which is essential to minimizing your hiring, firing and micro-managing.

When you find good people, you need to keep them and promote them and forge proper relationships with them. They are mercenaries, if you don’t reward them and incentivize them to stay on board with you they’ll use the experience gained from you to go and work for someone who’s willing to offer them better compensation. A guy I hired for a random link building job in 2011 now runs our biggest dedicated technical link building team. A writer I hired around the same time for a few articles now takes care of almost all of our writing team, and manages all of our infographic designers. I’ve even traveled to meet several freelancers, they’re my friends, and they’re an essential part of the team. Getting my freelancers to manage other freelancers was a key turning point in limiting the rate at which my hair was falling out and going grey.

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