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What Are SEO SPIN Authority Posts?

SEO SPIN Authority Posts are an effective, affordable and high-quality alternative to guest posts.

It’s well known that guest posts are a very effective source of ‘link juice’. However, there are many problems with them. The outreach required is very time-consuming or expensive to outsource. The content needs to be a super high level to be approved and posted – or conversely, the blogs have low quality standards. Or, the publishers demand posting fees that blow your entire SEO budget on one link.

Guest posts just aren’t a practical [or smart] option for your average website wanting fast results on a reasonable budget.

For the past few years we’ve been building a resource of high quality and high Da blogs and websites that all have individual owners and registrants, yet are ultimately and exclusively controlled by us. Great-looking websites full of useful content that have been powering our clients to page one through 2015 and into 2016.

A Spam-Free Link Building Resource

We have a strict policy of rejecting orders from low quality throwaway websites, websites in niches associated with high spam, and websites promoting any kind of pseudoscientific nonsense that would compromise the authority of our resource.

The websites in our resource have very clean outbound link profiles because the sites we link out to are real bricks and mortar businesses that advertise locally, nationally and even internationally. That’s just the kind of clients our clients tend to have, and it’s the kind of projects we love working on and have the most experience in getting great results for.

We do not use any “boosting” strategies to spam our resource sites at a second tier level that many other link building agencies do, all that does is eventually lower the quality of your resource websites by getting them flagged as having spam link profiles, it is a very short-term strategy, and we’re all about long term results.

To add additional trust to your post, and co-citations, we add links to high authority niche-relevant sources as genuine references in all the content we publish.

Intelligently Built For Long Term Results

For those of you that would like to geek-out on our technical strategy…

Each of our websites is built from the ground up with a unique persona which is used from domain registration to social profiles, from the hosting account owner to the website’s public author profile, and from the Whois address to the city of the unique proxy IP address we use to log in to them. Dive in to any given site and it all checks out as one unique person in one location for each website.

One author/owner persona is created exclusively for every domain we build as a link resource and they’re all given their own branding, high quality web design, writing style and topic theme. They’re at least as good as any blog you’d normally pay $50-$200 for a guest post on, both technically and aesthetically, but at a much much more affordable rate.

We do not use any software to manage our websites and we do not install any kind of PBN plugins on them either.

high quality blog posting service

Compare Packages

Option A: Monthly Packages

5 Posts Per Month

$ 67

$13.40 Per Post
  • Report : Max 21 Days
  • Drip: 21 Days
  • Max Promoted URLs: 5 pm
  • Max Promoted Websites: 1 pm
  • Minimum Da: 10+
  • Minimuml TF/CF: 8+
  • Max OBL: 10

10 Posts Per Month

$ 127

$12.70 Per Post
  • Report : Max 21 Days
  • Drip: 21 Days
  • Max Promoted URLs: 10 pm
  • Max Promoted Websites: 1 pm
  • Minimum Da: 10+
  • Minimuml TF/CF: 8+
  • Max OBL: 10

15 Posts Per MonthMOST POPULAR

$ 187

$12.47 Per Post
  • Report : Max 21 Days
  • Drip: 21 Days
  • Max Promoted URLs: 15 pm
  • Max Promoted Websites: 1 pm
  • Minimum Da: 10+
  • Minimuml TF/CF: 8+
  • Max OBL: 10

20 Posts Per Month

$ 247

$12.35 Per Post
  • Report: Max 21 Days
  • Drip: 21 Days
  • Max Promoted URLs: 20 pm
  • Max Promoted Websites: 1 pm
  • Minimum Da: 10+
  • Minimuml TF/CF: 8+
  • Max OBL: 10

Option B: One-Time Packages

5 Posts

$ 77

$15.40 Per Post
  • Report : Max 21 Days
  • Drip: 14 Days
  • Max Promoted URLs: 5
  • Max Promoted Websites: 1
  • Minimum Da: 10+
  • Minimuml TF/CF: 8+
  • Max OBL: 10

10 Posts

$ 137

$13.70 Per Post
  • Report: Max 21 Days
  • Drip: 21 Days
  • Max Promoted URLs: 10
  • Max Promoted Websites: 1
  • Minimum Da: 10+
  • Minimuml TF/CF: 8+
  • Max OBL: 10


$ 197

$13.13 Per Post
  • Report: Max 21 Days
  • Drip: 21 Days
  • Max Promoted URLs: 15
  • Max Promoted Websites: 1
  • Minimum Da: 10+
  • Minimuml TF/CF: 8+
  • Max OBL: 10

20 Posts

$ 257

$12.85 Per Post
  • Report: Max 21 Days
  • Drip: 21 Days
  • Max Promoted URLs: 20
  • Max Promoted Websites: 1
  • Minimum Da: 10+
  • Minimuml TF/CF: 8+
  • Max OBL: 10

Order Process

STEP 1: You complete the order form, giving us your website URL & keywords, and some other basic info.

STEP 2: Your project manager checks over your details and contacts you if anything needs clarifying.

STEP 3: Your project manager decides on the best domains to publish your links on and assigns your order to the content creation team.

STEP 4: Our content writers research and write your posts and send them to the link building team for publishing and scheduling.

STEP 5: Your project manager compiles the comprehensive reports and sends them to you by the given turnaround time. If you’re on a monthly plan we’ll confirm if there are any changes for the following month’s links.


Is this a blog network?

The definition of the noun ‘network’ is “a group or system of interconnected people or things” – Google Search. So no, we do not consider our resource of websites to be a network because…

  1. Every domain is registered by a unique persona with a unique email address
  2. Every site is hosted on a unique premium hosting account registered with the same unique persona as the domain registrant.
  3. Every site uses their domain registrant persona as the website’s public author and many are backed up by social network profiles under the same name.
  4. Every site is assigned a unique proxy IP address that’s in the same city as the persona’s home address and the admin area is only ever accessed from that IP address.
  5. No two sites are interlinked in any way.
  6. No two sites have the same set of outbound links.
  7. No two sites use the same set of WordPress plugins.
  8. No software is used to publish posts, so there are no software footprints connecting the websites.
  9. No sites have blog network plugins, the only plugins we use are ones with millions of downloads that regular sites use.
  10. Every site has a unique content theme based on the domain name.
  11. Every site has a unique design theme.
  12. We often publish content on the sites that doesn’t link to client sites.
  13. We don’t use lots of spammy anchor texts on the outbound links.
  14. We don’t use any Wordpress hacks to force links to stay on the homepage any longer than usual.

There is no difference between our sites and regular sites, both visually and technically. This is a long-term resource, not a throw-away blog network.

We’ve been building ‘blog networks’ for over 5 years, and we’ve been hit with every google penalty known to man: learned all the lessons you need to learn the hard way. Patrick (founder of SEO Spin) has also spent thousands of dollars on courses and consultations on how to build a high quality, Google safe link resource.

Using this knowledge and experience we’ve been able to produce an ever-growing group of websites that have been powering our SEO campaigns for 2 years, and survived several Google “clampdowns” completely unscathed.

Do you drip feed the posts?

Yes, we use the content scheduler that’s built in to WordPress to make sure the posts go live over time at a steady pace.

Do you use spun content or original content?

All posts are 100% unique and original. If you order an 8 pack, for example, we could write 8 different articles on 8 different topics if you wish (they must all promote the same website though).

Difference between monthly and one-time?

One-Time Packages: One round of posts, one PayPal transaction. After you receive the report the project is closed.

Monthly Packages: One round of posts per month, PayPal monthly subscription (or deducted from your credit balance if you use our “add funds” feature). We send monthly reports and confirm which URLs/Keywords you want to promote for the following month.

Do you have domains in my niche?

We have domains in all kinds of niches. But we try to keep them as general as possible.

We use what we a writing strategy that we call a “relevancy bridge” which makes every post relevant to both the site that the content is published on, and the website it’s linking to.

No article looks out of place.

We will not post links to pharma/gambling/adult/weapons/drugs sites. And we will not promote thin or spammy websites such as weight loss fad affiliate squeeze pages.

Are the links permanent or guaranteed?

Yes, we control the websites so we can guarantee that your links will stay live indefinitely.

Why is 'Monthly' better value than 'One-Time'?

From a strategy perspective, building links on an ongoing consistent basis is the best way to get consistent long-lasting results for an increasing number of search terms.

From a business perspective, running a resource of this size is very costly: domain registrations and renewals, hundreds of hosting accounts, management labour, programming/design labour, content writing, etc.

Having subscriptions gives us a good idea of how fast to grow the resource and gives us the guaranteed revenue we need to have the confidence to keep on a full time team of staff dedicated building and managing it.

For these two reasons we do everything we can to reward and encourage subscribers.

Can you send me examples?

For pretty obvious reasons we do not disclose any of the websites that we own pre-payment.

Our smallest package is only $97, why not just put in a test order? If you’re not happy we’ll remove your posts and give you your money back, easy as that.

Can I promote multiple websites with 1 package?

No, you must order separately for each website as the built-in volume discount is based on all the content being written on topics in a single niche. (If you have two websites in exactly the same niche, however, you can consider them URLs rather than domains).

The number of URLs you can promote with each package is limited only by the number of posts in your package.

You can switch-up the domain you’re promoting on monthly packages on a month-by-month basis.