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blog outreach service
High power niche relevant links

What Is Blog Outreach?

With SEO Spin’s blogger outreach service, we secure link placements within content on real websites which will help build the authority of your (or your client’s) website and boost your search rankings.

Outreach links are incredibly effective at boosting your website in the SERPs. This is due to the high authority of the blogs, the relevance of the topics we choose, and the high-quality content we write.

High Power

Powerful contextual links from high authority blogs in your industry.

Quality Content

Our expert writing team will create meaningful content relevant to your brand.

Increase Rankings

Outreach has proven to be a reliable way to increase your traffic from Google.

Target Anchors

Your keyword anchor allocation is best used on high quality blogger outreach.


How It Works

When you order Blog Outreach our link prospectors will find blogs suitable for linking to your website. They will then reach out to the blog owners to agree on an idea for content that’s relevant to both sites.

Our expert content writing team will then create the blog and it will be posted with a contextual ‘dofollow’ (that means Google loves it) backlink to your website.

Guest Blogging Service
outreach link building

We Handle Outreach, While You Focus on Your Customers.

Securing outreach links is very time consuming. At SEO Spin we have created an experienced outreach team to streamline the entire process. We can deliver blog posts at scale for a very reasonable one-time payment.

Each post we create is tailored to the audience of the site we’re posting on. Our aim is to entertain the blogger’s audience and really earn the link they’re generously giving us in return.


Domain Rating & Organic Traffic

We use Ahref’s ‘Domain Rating’ and Ahref’s ‘Organic Traffic as metrics to judge the power of each outreach placement. When you buy blogger outreach links from SEO Spin we will make sure the blog has the minimum DR and minimum traffic levels that you select.

Domain Authority

DR is a good gauge of how many links the blog has and therefore how much ‘link juice’ it is likely to pass through to your website.

Monthly Organic Traffic

Ahref’s monthly traffic estimate is useful because if the blog gets organic traffic from Google, they must think it is high enough quality for Google users.

white label reports


DR 20+
500+ Traffic




Turnaround: Up to 3 Weeks



DR 30+
1000+ Traffic




Turnaround: Up to 3 Weeks


DR 45+
1000+ Traffic




Turnaround: Up to 3 Weeks


DR 60+
1000+ Traffic




Turnaround: Up to 3 Weeks


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The Process


Provide Details

You complete the simple order form and select DR & traffic, then give us your niche, keywords and urls in the intake forms in the client portal.

Outreach & Publishing

Our outreach team will find relevant blogs and then our expert writers craft a blog post that's useful for their audience. The post will be published with your links.

White Label Reporting

Your project manager adds your live blog posts to a comprehensive reseller-friendly white label report and delivers it to you via our client portal.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you give me a list of your blogs?

No, we don’t have a list. We do bespoke outreach for each order. Why do we do that? Because burning out a list of blogs (that everyone else is probably using too) diminishes the value of the links on those blogs.

What is the turnaround time for this service?

Please allow up to 3 weeks for us to secure each placement, and get the content published with your backlink.

Is Blog Outreach a guest post service?

Most SEOs use the terms ‘blogger outreach’ and ‘guest posting’/’guest blogging’ interchangeably.  This is understandable as the process of acquiring the links is very similar. One very important difference, however, is the placement of the hyperlink that is created.

With guest posting services the link should appear in the guest author’s bio at the bottom of the content. Our outreach links are placed within the body content which is seen as an editorial decision by Google and given much more weight in SEO terms.

What are blogger outreach services?

Blog outreach services are a link building strategy that aims to find blogs relevant to your site to secure links on. We provide the website owner with quality content for their readers, and they publish it with a link back to us. The outreach process normally starts with a large list of prospects that are vetted for quality using various SEO metrics and whittled down until we find the best match.

What anchor text strategy do you recommend?

We recommend that you reserve your most important keyword variations for anchor text on the highest metric placements. Do not repeat exact match anchor text on multiple placements. If you don’t know or track your anchor text profile, to be totally safe use only branded or natural language anchors.

Is Blogger Outreach the same as guest posting?

The difference is that guest posts have links within an author bio, but link outreach services get links within body content. The latter being more effective for SEO.

Do you accept orders for XYZ niche?

If your niche is not family friendly or in any way controversial please contact us with your info and we will advise you accordingly.

Is the link placement guaranteed?

The links we build are on well-established blogs that plan to be around for as long as possible. We provide them with content that is an asset to their website that they will not want to remove. This is a long-term link building strategy. It is highly unlikely that your links will go down. However, if the links go down within 90 days, we will find a replacement for you.

What is Ahrefs Organic Traffic?

Ahrefs is a digital marketing analysis tool. ‘Organic Traffic’ is one of the metrics available in Ahrefs. The number is an estimate of a website’s monthly real traffic based on the search volumes of the keywords it ranks for. We cannot guarantee that any of the blog’s traffic will visit your site.

What is Ahref’s Domain Rating?

Domain Rating (DR) is a search engine ranking score that predicts how well a website will perform in SERPs. It is similar to Moz’s Domain Authority (DA) and Majestic’s Trust Flow (TF) and Citation Flow (CF). All of which are trying to emulate aspects of Google’s PageRank.

How long until the placement is indexed?

This depends on how long it takes Googlebot to visit the blog. Given the placements are on high quality sites they’re usually crawled often so the posts are normally indexed within a few days, and no longer than a few weeks.

If I order multiple posts, are they all published at the same time?

If you order multiple posts, we will be dealing with multiple publishers so the link building will be organically spread out. If, by coincidence it appears that the bloggers will be all publishing their posts at the same time, we will ask them to schedule the posts to achieve a drip feed.

What is the turnaround time for the blog outreach service?

Blogger outreach services can’t give fixed turnaround times as it depends on the individual publishers. To be on the safe side please allow up to 3-4 weeks.

Can I approve the blog post before you publish it?

In order to keep our pricing competitive and deliver links in a timely fashion, we do not allow this at the moment. It is an unnecessary step. Our content creation team needs to be focused on writing content that the publisher approves of. If they feel it is high enough quality for their audience, you (or your client) should find it high enough quality too.

What if the traffic or DR of the blog drops in the future?

We cannot guarantee that the stats at the time of publishing will hold forever. We do guarantee that we will take every possible measure to ensure the blogs we reach out to meet our quality control requirements. We use various manual checks and SEO metrics in our quality control process.

Who will write the blog post?

The blog post will be written by our writing team but, unlike with a guest post, it will be published as the blog owner and your anchor text will appear in the main body of the content, no author boxes.

What topic will the blog post be written on?

During the blog outreach process our team will pitch ideas to the blog owners that are relevant to their audience and related to your website too.

Do you have bulk pricing?

We specialize in supporting agencies and other resellers so our pricing already reflects that. However, if you want to place a single order of bulk posts (50+), please get in touch and we will give you a custom price.

How many words are the blog posts?

The posts usually have a word count of between 500 and 800. It depends on the publisher requirements. Varying the length also helps you backlink profile look more natural.

Can I provide the content?

If you already have good content ideas and high quality writers that can provide us a 100% unique post. Then we will find a placement for that post, we will use the surplus budget to find a higher spec placement than normal for the price tier you’ve ordered.

Is this a PBN?

This is a real link outreach service, not a private blog network. If you’re looking for PBN backlinks though, click that link.

Can I specify another metric, such as DA, TF, CF, or Moz Spam Score ?

If you would like a bespoke outreach campaign based on any other digital marketing metric or social media following, etc. please drop us a message with your requirements and we’ll give you custom pricing.

Will you ever contact my client?

If you are an agency/reseller then don’t’ worry about our team contacting your client via their site. If we need any more info for the order we will only ever contact you through your SEO Spin account.

Will there be any other links in the content?

There may be other in-content links that are genuine references (or ‘authority sites’ links) that help add trust to the post, but there will not be any other client links in the content.

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