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What Are SEO SPIN Infographics?

Since we launched our infographic design and promotion service in 2013 it has been a reseller favorite because our customers and [especially] their clients are always amazed at the beautiful custom designs we they’ve produced just for them.

Infographics are a way of visually representing multiple complex data sets in a single easy-to-consume design. They usually take the form of a .jpeg image which can be easily published on a website or blog, just as any other image.

Infographics are very popular with internet users because they allow them to learn quickly with minimal reading, also making them highly shareable (go viral, baby!). For this reason they’re also very popular in the SEO world as they can attract links and social signals from authority publishers whom attention would otherwise be near impossible to get.

SEO Infographics Service


Just a handful of the thousands of infographics we’ve designed over the past few years

Click the thumbnails for full size samples

Please note: the images above are compressed .jpg versions of the originals. On order completion we can provide you with lossless .png version and the editable Adobe files if you require them.

The World’s Highest Quality Affordable Infographics

Many SEOs and agencies are dissuaded from creating and promoting infographics for their clients because the rates design houses charge often blow all of their month’s budget.

SEO SPIN Infographics’s highly competitive rate make them accessible to all, they have no hidden charges for anything that is instrumental in producing a finished product (what other providers like to call ‘extras’), and definitely don’t compromise quality for cost.

If you already have an idea – whether it’s just a topic or a complete draft – we will work the content you provide. If you don’t have any ideas we’ll research trends in your website’s niche to find relevant topics and data sets to transform in to a final design. We will work with you until you and/or your clients are 100% happy with the final product.

If you want to give the infographic a kick-start on image and social sites, and get some instant backlinks, our Promotion add-on is just the trick. Our infographics are often featured on the front pages of websites like, a leading infographic sharing website.

Compare Packages

Design Only

$ 147

  • Turnaround Time: Max 2 weeks
  • Research Included: ✔
  • Content Writing: ✔
  • Custom Design: ✔
  • Unlimited Revisions: ✔
  • Submissions/Links: N/A
  • 100% White Label: ✔

Design & PromotionMost Popular

$ 177

  • Turnaround Time: Max 2 weeks
  • Research Included: ✔
  • Content Writing: ✔
  • Custom Design: ✔
  • Unlimited Revisions: ✔
  • Submissions/Links: 20
  • 100% White Label: ✔

Promotion Only

$ 37

  • Turnaround Time: 3-4 days
  • Research Included: N/A
  • Content Writing: N/A
  • Custom Design: N/A
  • Unlimited Revisions:N/A
  • Submissions/Links: 20
  • 100% White Label: ✔

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Order Process

STEP 1: You complete the simple order form, giving us your website info and the option to give us any ideas you have for the infographic design or content you may have.

STEP 2: Our researchers compile the relevant data which is then sorted in to content sections by our writers and sent to you as a proposal.

STEP 3: Once you’ve approved the proposal, the design team create the first draft of the infographic which is sent to you for approval. Design revisions are made until you’re happy with the design.

STEP 4 (Promotion only): You upload the infographic to a page on your, or your client’s, website and send us back the URL ready for promotion.

STEP 5 (Promotion only): Our link building team distributes your infographic and sends you the final report that gives you the URLs of all the pages it is published on.


Which niches do you support?

We will create infographics in any niche apart from adult niches.

If your website is in a niche such as drugs or weapons that are often banned by image sharing websites we can not guarantee that your infographics will be approved on all sites in the Design and Promotion package.

Which websites do you use for promotion?

We use the most popular infographic websites, image sharing websites and social networks.
We will not disclose the list of sites we use pre-payment (we have some very sneaky competitors!)

Can I provide my own data and content?

Yes, that’s fine. If not we will decide on a topic and research it for you.

There is no discount if you provide your own content.

Can you guarantee the infographic will go viral?

That would be a great guarantee, wouldn’t it?
Unfortunately there’s no way to guarantee that.

Infographics get more pick-up if they appeal to a broader audience. One example is a small kitchen knife review website that published an infographic about the types of knives used by serial killers in movies. It went viral and got them millions of hits. That’s a perfect example of how to bridge a relatively small (and boring!) niche to a super-broad and popular mainstream niche. You (or your client) knows your niche better than us, if you get the chance you should brainstorm trends in your niche to give us an idea of a topic that is both trending and somehow links in to a broader mainstream niche.

What exactly do you mean by unlimited revisions?

When our content team sends you the proposal the content can be revised until you’re happy that the content and data is accurate and relevant. However, once it’s agreed and you give a go-ahead to start the design phase we will not revise data and content again, unless it’s an accuracy, typo or grammar error. So please be sure to read the proposal carefully, and OK it with your client if necessary.

When our design team sends you the design you’re allowed to request unlimited design-based revisions until you’re happy. This has to be within reason though. For example, if you tell us to use another infographic’s style for inspiration but then change your mind and ask for a completely different style once we’ve spent the time creating the design, we would not consider that to be within reason.

I can't post content on my client's website: can I still order Promotion?

Yes, although not ideal in terms of results, we will upload the infographic to the best infographic sharing website with a link back to your website and then use that page as the source URL for the uploads to other websites.

Can you give me the PSD files when you've finished the design?

No we can’t because we use Adobe Illustrator, not Photoshop 🙂

You can have the .ai files though, no problem.