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Put Your SEO Link Building Campaigns on Autopilot

What is SEO SPIN Monthly SEO?

Are you looking to put your SEO campaigns on complete autopilot? SEO SPIN’s Monthly SEO packages include everything you need for a successful link building project. Our Monthly SEO plans are fully managed and use a strategy that has proven to get results time and time again.

In the first month we launch your campaign with an ‘SEO SPIN Super Pack’ to build a base of diverse and natural links to you domain. From month two onwards we use our most powerful links, along with ongoing social signals, to consistently increase your website’s link popularity and social presence over time.

Our Monthly SEO plans have a really simple order form, after you place the order your project manager will check your info, research your details, then handle all of the individual services for you. All you need to do is sit back and wait for the monthly reports.

Pay Monthly SEO Packages
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Proven Strategy That Gets Results

Super Pack – We kick off your SEO campaign with a Super Pack. This builds a foundation of diverse natural links and social signals, a platform to build an ongoing campaign on for long lasting results.

Subsequent Months

High Da Blog Posts – From month two onwards we ramp up the number of Authority Posts we build each month. These high quality contextual links help us hone in on your keywords safely and effectively by targeting various phrases across different landing pages on your website.

Web 2.0 Posts – Each month we add more content to your off-site blogs we built on the web 2.0 properties during the launch month linking to various pages on your website and adding branded anchor texts to your link profile.

Social Signals – Each month we keep promoting various pages on your website on social media websites, increasing your social presence in line with your increasing link profile.

Compare Packages

Silver Monthly Package

$ 147

Per Month
  • Monthly Report Time: Max 3 Weeks
  • Max. URLs Promoted: 1 pm
  • Monthly URL Rotation:  ✔
  • Month 1 Super Pack: Silver
  • Super Pack Skippable:  ✔
  • Monthly Authority Posts: 5
  • Monthly Web 2.0 Posts: 5
  • Monthly Social Signals: 250
  • Easy Order Form: ✔
  • FREE Rank Tracker: ✔

Gold Monthly PackageMOST POPULAR

$ 287

Per Month
  • Monthly Report Time: Max 3 Weeks
  • Max. URLs Promoted: 2 pm
  • Monthly URL Rotation:  ✔
  • Month 1 Super Pack: Gold
  • Super Pack Skippable:  ✔
  • Monthly Authority Posts: 10
  • Monthly Web 2.0 Posts: 10
  • Monthly Social Signals: 2×250
  • Easy Order Form: ✔
  • FREE Rank Tracker: ✔

Platinum Monthly Package

$ 427

Per Month
  • Monthly Report Time: Max 3 Weeks
  • Max. URLs Promoted: 3 pm
  • Monthly URL Rotation:  ✔
  • Month 1 Super Pack: Platinum
  • Super Pack Skippable:  ✔
  • Monthly Authority Posts: 15
  • Monthly Web 2.0 Posts: 15
  • Monthly Social Signals: 3×250
  • Easy Order Form:  ✔
  • FREE Rank Tracker: ✔

Diamond Monthly Package

$ 797

Per Month
  • Monthly Report Time: Max 3 Weeks
  • Max. URLs Promoted: 5 pm
  • Monthly URL Rotation:  ✔
  • Month 1 Super Pack: Diamond
  • Super Pack Skippable:  ✔
  • Monthly Authority Posts: 20
  • Monthly Web 2.0 Posts: 20
  • Monthly Social Signals: 5×250
  • Easy Order Form: ✔
  • FREE Rank Tracker: ✔

Order Process

STEP 1: You complete the simple order form, giving us your website URL & keywords, and some other basic info.

STEP 2: Your project manager checks over your details and contacts you if anything needs clarifying.

STEP 3: Your project manager decides on the best link building strategy for your campaign and places the orders for all the individual services internally.

STEP 4: Our content writers research and create all the content for your links and send them to the link building team for publishing and scheduling.

STEP 5: Your project manager compiles the comprehensive reports and sends them to you by the given turnaround time: giving you at least a week to check over your reports and send them to your client (if you’re reselling).


Which package is best for my website?

Below is a very rough guide based on the results we’ve seen on campaigns we monitor.  Most of the time, the SEO investment required is directly proportional to the amount of traffic and/or the amount of revenue a search term generates.  There will always be exceptions so it’s wise to invest in competition analysis.

Silver: Low competition info/Adsense/affiliate niches, obscure local businesses or local businesses in very small towns.

Gold: Low-medium competition info/Adsense/affiliate niches, specialist local businesses such as “boiler repairs” & “drain cleaning”

Platinum: Medium-high competition info/Adsense/affiliate niches, broader local businesses such as “plumber + town/city” that want to rank multiple pages for various services.

Diamond: High-very high competition info/Adsense/affiliate niches, broad local businesses in major/capital cities, high competition b2b services such SEO & web design.

For advice specific to your website/keyword please contact us

Are the links all published at the same time?

No, we have a publishing strategy that makes your links and social signals go live at a consistent pace over each month.

Do you use any spun content or link building software?

No, we do not spin content. Every post we publish is researched and written independently.

For example, when producing a 30 Web 2.0 package our content team produce 30 completely unique articles on 30 different, yet relevant, topics. We never publish the same piece of text content in more than one place.

All the link building we do is 100% manual. 

Can you help me with my keyword research?

If you’re uncertain about your target keywords then make a note in the order form when you order and your project manager will take a look over them and advise you.

We will not do any keyword research pre-sale.

Is a contract required for your Monthly SEO plans?

The only contract you enter into when placing the order is the PayPal billing agreement, which you can cancel at any time.

Your Monthly SEO plan will show as an active service in your client dashboard, you can request cancellation from there at any time.

There is no minimum contract.

How long until I start to see results?

This is dependant on a lot factors such as your level of competition, how old your website is, where your website currently ranks, which package you ordered, how many keywords/landing pages you’re targeting, and how well optimised your landing pages are: so it’s difficult to give a definitive answer to this question.

As a general rule though. The pattern we see across all of the campaigns we actively monitor is first movement within 2-4 weeks, significant movement by 2 months, secondary keywords ranking and generating traffic after 3-4 months, main phrases ranking by month 4-6.

Can I skip the launch month Super Pack?

Yes, if you’ve previously ordered a Super Pack for your website or you already have a foundation of diverse links and anchor texts, simply select the option in the order form to “Skip Launch Month’s ‘Super Pack’” and we’ll craic straight on with the meaty links.

Which niches will you accept?

We will not accept orders for gambling, adult, pharma, drugs or weapons niches.