Drip Feed Social Signals Service

Legitimise Your Link Popularity With Signals From Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest

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What Are SEO SPIN Social Signals?

Social signals are the links and signals that are created on social media websites such as Facebook & Twitter when a user shares or likes content from your website via your share or like buttons.

Do they pass PageRank?

These types of links almost always carry the ‘nofollow’ attribute – which tells Google not to pass credit through them – so they’re a pretty useless factor for boost to SEO rankings, right?

Correlation between signals and rankings

Well not exactly. Google are notoriously tight-lipped about what, if any, direct impact drip feeding social signals has on SEO. But we do know one thing for sure: there is a direct correlation between sites that have lots of high quality links and high search engine ranking and traffic, and websites that are popular on social media sites.

Low Cost

From under $0.10 per signal, socials packs a huge bang for your buck.

Boost Your Content

Show the search engines that your content is popular on social media.

Real Human Accounts

Your content is liked and shared by real human social media accounts.

White Label

Your white label report will show your before and after social signals counts.

Add credibility to your link building

Why Promote Pages with Social Signals?

Our Social Signals service is a safe way to increase your website’s social media popularity rating with signals from up to thousands of Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest users.

Buy Social signals packages to validate your money site’s backlinks campaign. They protect you against any growing suspicion – that search engines may have – of websites that have lots of links but no social media presence.

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Buy Real Social Signals With A High Retention Rate

Our drip feed Social Signal packages couldn’t be easier to order, all we need is your URL and we go ahead and create the buzz for your business.

We will get social signals on real accounts from the social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, distributed according to each social network’s popularity: the most from Facebook, fewer from twitter, and even fewer from Pinterest.

built in a natural way

Drip-Fed Social Signals

The social media signals are put in a ‘drip feed’ over a period of 10-30 days to avoid any google penalty. If you would like them dripped to the social networks over a custom period, then just send us a message when you purchase.

Just as with every link building process we follow, the drip feed delivery process is totally manual, no bots are used.


150 Signals




Turnaround: 12 Days
(Dripped over 10 days)



250 Signals




Turnaround: 17 Days
(Dripped over 15 days)


500 Signals




Turnaround: 22 Days
(Dripped over 20 days)


1000 Signals




Turnaround: 32 Days
(Dripped over 30 days)


The Process


Provide Details

You complete the simple order form, then add the url you want to promote in the intake form in the client area after payment.

Drip Scheduling

Our content team checks over your details and your URLs are passed for drip feed social signals scheduling.

White Label Reporting

Once all of your signals are live we send you the white label report of your before and after social signals counts.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you drip feed the social signals packages?

Yes, they’re drip fed over 10-30 days dependant on which package you order.

This will prevent any red flags with the search engine.

What details do you require?

Just the URL of the page you want us to promote.

Which niches do you cover?

We will not accept orders for gambling, adult, pharma, drugs or weapons niches. Everything else should be fine, if you’re not sure then send us a message first.

How many URLs can I promote per package?

Strictly 1 URL per package. If you need 250 signals for 2 URLs, for example, you need to order two packages of 250 signals, not one package of 500.

If you have a lot of URLs promote then contact us for a custom package.

Do I get a report of the social signal service?

Yes when we complete the socials signals service, you receive a report that shows your signal counts before and after the project.

You will clearly see the rise in your socials signals from the web 2.0 sites.

Do you offer any bulk discounts?

If you need to promote a lot of URLs then contact us and let us know the number of URLs you need to promote and your budget, and we’ll tell you what we can do.

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