Super Packs - One Time Link Building Packages

Single Payment SEO Link Building Packages

A Diverse Selection of Effective Links That Will Boost Any SEO Campaign

What Are SEO SPIN Super Packs?

Super Packs combine our most popular and effective link building services in one easy-to-order and fully managed package. They include a diverse range of links that have proven to be a safe strategy for any kind of SEO Campaign.

Super Packs include high quality links and social signals that provide a natural foundation for your website’s backlink profile. This makes them perfect for launching or re-launching SEO projects.

We only require a couple of details in the order form because every order is assigned to a project manager who organizes all the individual services, saving you a lot of time. Time is not all you’ll save either, by ordering Super Packs you can save over 30% compared to ordering the services individually.

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Blueprint For A Successful Campaign

High Da Blog Posts – This is where the meat of the ranking power comes from: Agency level high quality guest posts that provide contextual links in relevant content on high Da websites from our ‘Authority Posts‘ service.

Web 2.0 Blogs – We create off-site blogs on super authority Web 2.0 properties and use them to build branded backlinks to your website using our ‘Branded Web 2.0s‘ service.

Social Signals – We increase your social presence and validate your link popularity with shares and likes on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest using our Social Signals service.

NameBolt Links – We register your brandname on popular social websites and get social signals and links to your site with our NameBolt service.

Infographics  – We will create a beautiful and insightful Infographic relevant to your business and use it to build and attract natural links to your website (Diamond package only).

Compare Packages

Silver Package

$ 147

One Time
  • Services Retail Price: $178
  • Report Time: Max 3 Weeks
  • Max URLs: 1
  • High Da Blog Posts: 5
  • Web 2.0 Blogs: 5
  • Social Signals: 150
  • NameBolt Accounts: 25
  • Infographics: n/a
  • Easy Order Form: ✔


$ 287

One Time
  • Services Retail Price: $325.00
  • Report Time: Max 3 Weeks
  • Max URLs: 2
  • High Da Blog Posts: 10
  • Web 2.0 Blogs: 10
  • Social Signals: 2×150
  • NameBolt Accounts: 50
  • Infographics: n/a
  • Easy Order Form: ✔

Platinum Package

$ 427

One Time
  • Services Retail Price: $488
  • Report Time: Max 3 Weeks
  • Max URLs: 3
  • High Da Blog Posts: 15
  • Web 2.0 Blogs: 15
  • Social Signals: 3×150
  • NameBolt Accounts: 100
  • Infographics: n/a
  • Easy Order Form: ✔

Diamond Package

$ 797

One Time
  • Services Retail Price: $865
  • Report Time: Max 3 Weeks
  • Max URLs: 5
  • High Da Blog Posts: 20
  • Web 2.0 Blogs: 20
  • Social Signals: 5×150
  • NameBolt Accounts: 200
  • Infographics: 1×20
  • Easy Order Form: ✔

Order Process

STEP 1: You complete the simple order form, giving us your website URL & keywords, and some other basic info.

STEP 2: Your project manager checks over your details and contacts you if anything needs clarifying.

STEP 3: Your project manager decides on the best link building strategy for your campaign and places the orders for all the individual services internally.

STEP 4: Our content writers research and create all the content for your links and send them to the link building team for publishing and scheduling.

STEP 5: Your project manager compiles the comprehensive reports and sends them to you by the given turnaround time.


Which package should I use?

As a general rule you should choose the biggest package that’s within your budget as the larger packs will bring faster and better results across a broader range of search terms.

However, you should always keep your ROI in mind when deciding on your strategy, don’t overspend on optimising for keywords that are not going to generate revenue (TIP: Adwords is a great way to test this before you invest in SEO).

On the other hand, one of the most common mistakes that clients make is underspending. If a you want to rank for a keyword that generates $1000 per day in revenue for the websites ranking in the top half of page one, for example, it’s highly unlikely that the competition would be low enough for you to get there with a $147 package.

For an answer more specific to your website please contact us

Are the links all published at the same time?

Our strategy is to drip the links over 2-4 weeks depending on package size.

We’ve been using this strategy for years and it’s perfectly safe, even on the Diamond package.

We can drip them over a longer period if you wish, but vigorous testing has shown this to be unnecessary.

Do you use any spun content or link building software?

No, we do not spin content. Every post we publish is researched and written independently.

For example, when producing a 30 Web 2.0 package our content team produce 30 completely unique articles on 30 different, yet relevant, topics. We never publish the same piece of text content in more than one place.

All the link building we do is 100% manual. 

Can you help me with my keyword research?

Keyword research is a very time-consuming task with a lot of nuances. For example, the keyword with the highest traffic might have incredible competition, or maybe an ‘info’ keyword rather than a ‘money’ keyword, which would make it an unrealistic or bad target phrase. A lot of analysis is required to make an informed decision on which phrases to go after to get the best return on investment.

For this reason we will not carry out complete keyword research as a service at the moment (also because most of our clients are agencies who have already agreed on search terms with their clients before they bring the project to us).

However, if you order a Super Pack and write “I need help with keywords” in the order form comments section we will help you to choose a couple of suitable broad keywords for each of your landing pages for no additional charge.

Does this package require monthly payments?

No, this is a one-time payment at the time of order via PayPal. No contract, no subscription.

If you want ongoing link building then check out our Monthly SEO package.

Alternatively, you could order Monthly SEO after you receive the reports for your Super Pack. Just select the option to “Skip Launch Month’s ‘Super Pack’” in the Monthly SEO order form to let us know you’ve already used a Super Pack, so we go straight in to the monthly link building.

How long does it take to get results from Super Packs?

This is dependant on a lot factors such as your level of competition, how old your website is, where your website currently ranks, and how well optimised your landing pages are: so it’s difficult to give a definitive answer to this question.

As a general rule though. The pattern we see across all of the campaigns we actively monitor is movement within 2-4 weeks, significant movement after 2 months, and the package stops having an increasing effect after 3-5 months (yes really! that’s just how SEO is these days).

One of the biggest mistakes we see is clients getting impatient and throwing large volumes of links at their website after just a few weeks of ordering a big package like a Super Pack. This just makes things worse as it often triggers a Google throttle which holds your rankings back for months.

If you want to keep link building consistent you should use the strategy we use in our monthly SEO: Super pack as a launch phase then high quality links in relatively lower volumes in subsequent months.

Which niches do you accept?

We will not accept orders for gambling, adult, pharma, drugs or weapons niches.