Web 2.0 Blog Link Building Service

We Create Branded Blogs on Web 2.0 Properties, the Way They’re Meant to be Used, For Long-Lasting Results

web 2.0 link building
Foundational Contextual Anchored Links

What are Web 2.0 Blog Links?

Web 2.0 is a term that was coined to describe the current generation of websites that focus on user-generated content, usability and integration. ‘Web 2.0 Blogs’ is a term we use to describe websites that allow the user to create their own blog on their unique platform.

High Authority Blogging Platforms

The blogs are published as a sub-directory or sub-domain on the Web 2.0 property’s domain. This means when you publish your blog you instantly leech authority from the host domain which makes the backlinks in your content very powerful. This benefit makes Web 2.0 links a target for misuse; SEOs create accounts around keywords then publish low quality content on them and, naturally, this content would get removed pretty quickly by the web 2.0 site’s admin.

Foundation Links

Solid foundational branded links to kick off your SEO campaigns.

Secure Your Brand

We will claim your brand name on popular web 2.0 blogging platforms.

Branded Anchors

Build link with your brand name as the link text for a balanced link profile.

Detailed Reports

You will be provided with a white label report that lists all of your web 2.0 blog urls.


Web 2.0 Blogs as They’re Meant To Be Used

Web 2.0 links are a prime target for misuse. SEOs create over-optimised web 2.0 profiles around keywords then publish low quality content on them. Naturally, this spammy content would get removed pretty quickly by the web 2.0 site’s admin.

With the SEO SPIN Web 2.0 properties creation service we do things differently, we create accounts branded to your website: how they’re meant to be used. We only publish high quality content on them to create long-lasting foundational backlinks.

Web 2.0 links
web 2.0 links

Add Web 2.0 Blog Links for a Natural Anchor Text Profile

10+ years Experience

Web 2.0 property creation is our longest running SEO service and over the 6 years or so we’ve learned all of the available platforms inside out. We know which web 2.0 sites are the best to use, how to create content that will stick on them, how to tweak their designs so they look great, and how to make the links we place on them as effective as possible.

Balanced Anchor Text Profile

When you order our web 2.0 link building service our writers will create unique meaningful content with optimal keyword density, for each web 2.0 site, that introduces your brand to the platform’s community and promotes your website via links with branded anchor texts: which are very important for a balanced link profile.

Branded Accounts

Our designers and link building team will then register your brand name on the sites, build out your design, and post your content.


White Label Reports

When the web 2.0 link building service is complete, you will receive a report with all the login info for the blogging platforms so you’re free to continue adding content to these valuable resources for ongoing promotion.

Our reports are completely white label, so if you’re buying for a client they will not see any SEO Spin branding.

white label reports


5 Web 2.0 Blogs




Turnaround: 10 Biz Days



10 Web 2.0 Blogs




Turnaround: 10 Biz Days


15 Web 2.0 Blogs




Turnaround: 10 Biz Days


20 Web 2.0 Blogs




Turnaround: 10 Biz Days


The Process


Provide Details

You complete the simple order form, then give us your website URL & keywords, and some other basic info and any special requirements.

Blog Building

Our expert link building team takes the content written by our expert SEO writers, and uses it to create your branded web 2.0 blogs.

White Label Reporting

Your project manager compiles the reseller-friendly white label reports detailing the URLs of your blogs and their login credentials.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What niches do you accept?

We can create web 2.0 blogs in any niche but if your website is in a niche such as drugs or weapons that are often banned by web 2.0 websites we can not guarantee that your blogs will stay live.


We will not work with adult websites.

Can I provide my own content?

Yes, but there is no change in price.

Do you use any spun content?

No, every post is researched and written independently. We never use the same piece of content more than once.

Can you give me a list of the Web 2.0 sites you use?

We won’t share the full current list of sites that we use pre-payment.

We use high authority sites such as WordPress.com, Blogger.com, Purevolume.com & Jigsy.com.*

*The web 2.0 properties we use is subject to change.

Is this a link wheel service?

Link wheels are a rather outdated strategy where a bunch of web 2.0 properties would be built around money keywords and then interlinked with the aim of spreading link juice around them. Building web 2.0s like that these days will result in them quickly being removed by the site’s moderators, and also leaves an obvious footprint for Google to detect, so we do not use this strategy.

If you are planning to post content to your web 2.0 properties on an ongoing basis then there’s no harm in cross-referencing posts, as long as a post on one sites makes sense to be used as a reference in a post on another site. We recommend you do this sparingly so you don’t leave any footprints and risk search engine penalty.

Do I get the logins for the accounts?

Yes, you will receive the logins to all of the properties in the final report so you’re free to make any revisions and add more content to your blogs.

Maybe you could turn it in to an IFTTT network?

Is this a ‘white hat’ strategy?

Yes, create profiles for your brand on blogging platforms is a perfectly legitimate way of getting your message out there, and Google support it.

How many websites/URLs can I promote?

We can add up to 2 links per post. You can also give your own ‘authority’ urls, so we can link to other trusted sites in your niche and increase the chance of the blogs not being removed as spam.

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