Fully Managed Monthly Link Building Service

Off-Page SEO Audit, Custom Ranking Roadmap & Backlink Acquisition

monthly link building service

What Is SEO Spin’s Link Building Service?

Our managed link building service is an advanced off-page SEO strategy that uses actual data from Google to determine exactly what it takes to rank your most important keywords and grow your organic traffic.

STEP 1: Off Page SEO Audit

We will perform a complete off-page SEO audit with competitor links analysis to discover the backlink opportunities you’re missing, and the link building and anchor text strategy that works for your keywords.

STEP 2: Ongoing Link Building

We’ll then create a bespoke authority building roadmap for your website and use our 10+ years link building experience to build new high quality links to your website each month using 100% of your budget.


Competitor analysis helps us determine the link types and anchor text needed to rank for your search terms.

High Quality Links

We use manual outreach to secure links from high quality websites in relevant, hand-written content.

Conversion Focused

We will rank the pages that bring qualified traffic that will convert into subscribers, leads and sales.

Grow Authority

Our link building service grows your authority so you can rank in Google for multiple keywords.

remove the guesswork

It Starts With An Audit

If you’re serious about outranking your competition, the first thing you need to do is find out exactly what strategy will work for your keywords.

Keyword Viability

We will make sure that the keywords you want to target are realistic, and worth the investment.

Competitor Analysis

We will reverse engineer your competition to discover what link building strategy is working in your niche.

Link Analysis

We will audit and clean up your existing backlinks, then make a roadmap for closing the gap between you and the high ranking sites for your keywords.

Link building USPs
powerful backlinks

Links That Move The Needle

We will invest 100% of your monthly budget on building a diverse backlink profile that is proven to be effective for the keywords you want to rank.

We build links in an organic way, the links we build will be contingent on the audit process, we will build links that are working for your highest ranking competition.
Diversified Backlink PROFILE

High Quality Link Sources

  • Missing Social Profiles
  • Local Business Citations
  • High DR & Traffic Blog Outreach
  • Search-Specific Link Types* (‘borrowed’ from competitors)
  • Link Insertions (via outreach)
  • Editorial Links* (HARO, etc – $2k+ budgets only)

*Exclusive to ‘Link Building’.

link building


You choose your budget

From $350 to $3000 per month.


link building budget👉   100% of your monthly budget is spent on Links.

👉   No setup fee.

👉   Includes FREE off-page audit.

👉   No contract, you can cancel at any time.


The Process


Offpage Audit

Upon payment we'll go ahead and perform the offpage SEO audit and competition analysis to determine the types of links we'll build and the anchor text strategy.


Once the audit results are in, we will give you the ranking roadmap and begin to implement the link building strategy that was laid out.

White Label Reporting

Each month we'll deliver a report of the links we've built. If you're reselling our services to your client, don't worry, the reports are completely white label.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does the audit phase include?

Here are some of the questions the audit will answer:

-Could you outrank the competition within 12 months?
-Will this keyword’s traffic benefit you, or do you need a modifier or alternative?
-Is the competition solving the same problem as you?
-Do you have toxic links that need removing/disavowing?
-What kind of anchor text ratios are safe in your niche?
-What common links are you missing?
-How many links do the competitors have overall?
-How many links do the competitors have to the landing page?
-What types of links do the competitors have?
-What kind of landing page ranks highest?

We will perform the competitor analysis for up to three sets of competitors (three of your landing pages/products/services/keywords). There is an option to add more in the checkout, but we only recommend that for higher budgets. We can always add more later in the campaign.

Do you need access to my site?

In some cases we will recommend that you create ‘linkable assets’ to stop you over-linking to your sales pages, you never want to build an unusually high number of links (another reason the audit is important). Linkable assets are pieces of content that attract natural links, examples are: –

We can then use these pages to internally link to your landing pages, giving them an authority boost, without over-linking externally.

This would only be if in your specific search results it is unusual to have links direct to the landing page you are trying to rank, or when we’ve already built the normal number of links, but want to keep growing your website’s authority.

We can handle the content creation for you (from your budget) you would just need to publish it on a page your website. If this is not possible, the alternative is using tier 2 links (links to your links).

What is the Ranking Roadmap exactly?

The ranking roadmap is not a deliverable as such. Rather, it is the conclusions we draw from the results from various aspects of the off-page SEO audit. For example; how many DR30+ links you are missing when compared to the competitors ranking for your keywords, what we need to do to make your anchor text ratio safe and effective, what industry or local specific links do your competitors have that you don’t, etc. We can then project roughly how long it will take to close the gap on your competition, based on the budget you’ve given us to play with. The roadmap is not set it stone. We will be responsive to re-audits, Google updates, and new or aggressive competition.

Can I choose the types of links you build?

You can make suggestions, but if you want to hand pick the links we build it defeats the purpose of this service. We are going to find out what types of links will rank your site during the audit, then implement a link building strategy accordingly. If you want to implement your own link building strategy, you might be better using your monthly link building budget to order our a la carte services instead.

Do you need access to my Google Analytics, Search Console, etc?

We can work without it. But if you do grant access, we can deliver better reports

Is this a ‘white hat’ strategy?

Yes, we do not use PBNs unless you specifically ask us to.

How many links will you build per month?

This will depend on your budget and what is revealed during the audit process. Please contact us with your proposed budget if you want us to give you an estimate of what would be delivered.

What are the terms of the subscription?

There is no contract, you can cancel at any time. For every payment received, you are guaranteed to receive the full value in off-page SEO services. There are no refunds for completed work.