NameBolt Web 2.0 Profiles: Knowem Alternative

Secure Your Brand Name & Place Links on 100s of Social Media Sites

knowem alternative
Foundational links & mentions for your brand

What Is SEO SPIN NameBolt?

NameBolt is a two-pronged marketing and branding service that creates foundational links and mentions on high authority websites that help your SEO campaigns.

One: Secure you brand name

Firstly, we secure your website’s brand name on 100s of popular and up-and-coming social media sites by registering your brand as the username.

Two: Links and Mentions

Secondly, we create social signals, unstructured citations and links to your website from these authoritative popular social networks by adding your brand’s info to the profiles.

Low Cost

From just $0.87 per account, NameBolt packs a huge bang for your buck.

Secure Your Brand

We will claim your brand name on popular and upcoming platforms.

Unstructured Citations

NameBolt is a great source of unstructured citations local business.

Detailed Reports

You will be provided with a white label report that lists all of your social profiles.

2-3x Better value than

Manually Built and 100% Complete

NameBolt is inspired by the popular service. Knowem is a great tool that allows you to search your username availability across thousands of social media websites. They also offer a registration service.

Knowem’s registration service is considerably costly so at the request of many SEO SPIN customers we created NameBolt: which is up to 75% better value than Knowem, and the best of all the alternatives to knowem.

Social Media Username Registration
social media username registration

Secure Your Brand Names, Before Someone Else Does!

SEO Spin NameBolt service includes everything from profile registration to full profile completion.

Once we’ve claimed your website’s brand name (or desired username) we use the info you provided to fill out your new profiles on each social network.

Your user name will appear in many of your profile URLs, giving you a vanity URL on the domain names of a bunch of giant social media networks.

your company’s profile

Provide as much info as you like

Most of the info we request is optional, but we recommend you provide as much as you can for best results.

If you provide your full business address (NAP), for example, some of the profiles will count as unstructured citations, which help with your local SEO.


25 Accounts




Turnaround: 4 Biz Days



50 Accounts




Turnaround: 4 Biz Days


100 Accounts




Turnaround: 6 Biz Days


200 Accounts




Turnaround: 10 Biz Days


The Process


Provide Details

You complete the simple order form, then give us your brand name, business data, website URL, etc in the intake form in the client portal afterwards (whenever you're ready).

Profile Building

Our expert link building team researches the best social platforms for your project and then registers your brand name and completes the profiles on the social network sites.

White Label Reporting

Your project manager compiles the listings in comprehensive reseller-friendly white label reports and sends them to you by the given turnaround time.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the turnaround time for this service?

4 to 10 business days, depending on the package.

What niches do you accept?

We accept any niche but if your niche is one that’s associated with spam, such as gambling or payday loans, we cannot guarantee that the profiles will stick.


We will not work with adult websites.

Are the profiles all built on the same day?

No, we build them over 5-7 days. If you want them dripped over a longer period then please request it in the order form.

Do all of the sites you use allow a backlink?

No, around 50-75 sites we use allow a link to your website. We use these sites first so if you order the smaller package they’ll all have links.

The links that are created on the social networks mostly have raw URL link text (ex. or branded link text (ex. ‘SEO Spin’ or ‘’). It is absolutely ESSENTIAL that you have these kinds of link texts in your link profile, and this Namebolt is an affordable and effective way to get them.

Can you give me a list of the sites you use?

We use a selection of the sites listed on

We do not use the mega social networks like Twitter, Facebook, etc. It is assumed you will already have accounts on them. Also any sites that require mobile 2FA we have to skip.

Do I get the logins for the accounts?

Yes, that’s kinda the whole point of this service. You get full account ownership so your brand is protected.

You will receive a comprehensive white label report of all of your profile when the service is complete.

Is this a ‘white hat’ strategy?

Yes, create social media profiles for your brand is a perfectly legitimate business practice, and Google support it.

How many websites/URLs can I promote?

1 URL per package. It should be the home page of your site for best results.

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