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Why Buy PBN Links from SEO Spin?

Here’s why SEOs from all over the world use SEO Spin’s PBN links to power their link building campaigns: –


Since 2014 we’ve been building a resource of high quality and high Da blogs and websites that all have individual owners and registrants, yet are ultimately and exclusively controlled by us. Great-looking websites full of useful content that have been powering our clients to page one of the search results consistently year after year.

Fair Pricing

This private blog network or ‘PBN’ is one of the most cost-effective ways to add domain authority to your website. PBNs also allow you to send anchor text, page, and domain level relevance signals to your content with a high level of control.

Grow Authority

An excellent way to grow the authority of your website for a low cost.

Fresh Content

Includes writing of a 100% unique blog post that’s relevant to your website.

Safe Network

Our PBN is safe, that’s why it’s been online since 2014 with no issues.

Tiered Links

Harness the power of PBNs indirectly via links you have on other websites.

the power of pbns

Should you use PBNs in 2021?

In 2021, we recommend links from powerful PBN domains for 10-20% of your website’s total direct backlink profile. We also recommend buying PBN links as a tier 2 boost for links you have on new pages of high authority sites.

Is PBN white hat?

PBN link building is a grey-hat strategy because, as with many types of active link building, the strategy is technically against most search engines’ terms of service.

What's the risk?

A high quality PBN with decent handwritten content, like SEO Spin’s, has most of the risk removed. Since 2014, not a single client has reported a drop in search engine ranking or a penalty from using our links.

private blog network service
PBN link building

A Spam-Free Link Building Resource

We have a strict policy of rejecting orders for low quality websites, websites in niches associated with high spam, and websites that have used other low-quality PBNs.

Clean backlink profiles

All the websites we own have clean backlink profiles and we only publish 100% handwritten content on our PBN.

Clean outbound links

The websites in our resource have very clean outbound link profiles because they link to real local businesses, e-commerce businesses, authority affiliate sites, and tech companies. Links to real authority niche-relevant sources as genuine references are added to every post we publish.

What’s the difference?

Niche PBN vs General PBN

As the name suggests, our Niche PBN is split into industry-specific blogs (autos, finance, home and garden, health, etc.) and our General PBN is not (news sites, mom blogs, photo blogs, etc.).

Domain Authority

The other main difference is that the Niche PBN has a Moz Domain Authority score of 20-40, and the General PBN has a a score of 10-20. This difference in power is what accounts for the difference in price. We have some DA 30-40 general blogs that we class as Niche PBN to cater for those in obscure niches.

How many PBN links should you build?

We recommend that you build between 2 and 7 Niche PBN links per month to your website, and level-up your other backlinks with tier 2 links from our general PBN.

private blog network links


General PBN




USD per post

Turnaround: Up to 2 weeks
DA: 10-20



Niche PBN




USD per post

Turnaround: Up to 2 weeks
DA: 20-40


The Process


Provide Details

You provide your website URL & keywords via the simple order form. Your order is assigned to a project manager who decides on the best domains to publish your links on.

Writing and Scheduling

Our content writers research and write posts that are relevant to your website and our blog, and adds links to your site. Our link building team then drip-schedules the blog posts.

White Label Reporting

Once the process is complete you will receive a report of your live posts. Our services are completely white label, so this PBN service is perfect for agencies and resellers.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you drip feed the blog posts?

Yes, we use the content scheduler that’s built in to WordPress to make sure the posts go live over time at a steady pace.

Do you use spun content or original content?

All posts are 100% unique and original. If you order a package of 5 post, for example, we could write 5 different articles on 5 different topics if you wish.

Are the links permanent or guaranteed?

Yes, we control the websites so we can guarantee that your links will stay live indefinitely.

Can you send me examples?

We do not disclose any of the websites that we own pre-payment. This would be too much of a risk to our clients and our network. You will see your live posts in your report.

What does PBN stand for?

PBN stands for private blog network.

What is a private blogging network?

A PBN is a group of blogs that are all controlled by a single owner. They are built to look like genuine individual blogs. SEOs place content on PBNs that include links to their main websites in order to improve their search engine positions and increase their search traffic.

What is the turnaround time?

Up to three weeks.

What anchor text should I choose?

We recommend that you do not repeat keyword anchor text more than once unless you have hundreds of quality links. Give a unique version for every link you order. Keep the total number of keyword, keyword variant, and partial keyword anchors to under 10% of your entire link profile.

Is this a subscription/rental?

No, these links are a one-time payment. If you want ongoing link building please check out our managed link building service.

How many PBN links should I build?

When you buy pbn links, we recommend you build between 2 and 7 per month, that’s why we offer packages in those amounts. 2 being new campaigns and 7 being well established sites.

For tier 2 links, if you’re linking to authority sites we recommend up to 15 links per page. Don’t forget to rotate your anchors on tier 2 as well!

Bulk Discounts?

If you have very large orders for multiple clients/projects ready to go, please contact us with how many you need.

Are PBNs worth it?

If you go and read a guide on building a PBN you’ll notice they’re a nightmare to build, and even worse to manage. There’s a lot of time investment as well as the monetary aspects. We’ve done the hard work for you though, simply turn on the link juice tap! For ~$9 to ~$29 per link, totally worth it.

What exact measures do you take to make your PBN safe?

For those of you that would like to geek-out on our technical strategy…

Each of our websites is built from the ground up with a unique persona which is used from domain registration to social profiles, from the hosting account owner (SOA record) to the website’s public author profile, and from the Whois address to the city of the unique proxy IP address we use to log in to them. Dive in to any given site and it all checks out as one unique person in one location for each website.

One author/owner persona is created exclusively for every domain we build as a link resource and they’re all given their own branding, high quality web design, writing style and topic theme. They’re at least as good as any blog you’d normally pay $50-$200 for a guest post on, both technically and aesthetically, but at a much much more affordable rate.

We do not use any bots to post on our websites and we do not install any kind of PBN plugins on them.

Will Google see my links are from a ‘network’?

PBN is just the industry name for this type of link, the links aren’t actually connected. It just means they’re controlled by a single owner.

The definition of the noun ‘network’ is “a group or system of interconnected people or things” – Google Search. We do not consider our resource of websites to be a network in that sense because…

  1. Every domain is registered by a unique persona with a unique email address
  2. Every site is hosted on a unique premium hosting account registered with the same unique persona as the domain registrant.
  3. Every site uses their domain registrant persona as the website’s public author and many are backed up by social network profiles under the same name.
  4. Every site is assigned a unique proxy IP range that’s in the same city as the persona’s home address and the admin area is only ever accessed from that IP address.
  5. No two sites are interlinked in any way.
  6. No two sites have the same set of outbound links.
  7. No two sites use the same set of WordPress plugins.
  8. No software is used to publish posts, so there are no software footprints connecting the websites.
  9. No sites have PBN plugins, the only plugins we use are ones with millions of downloads that regular sites use.
  10. Every site has a unique content theme based on the domain name.
  11. Every site has a unique design theme.
  12. We often publish content on the sites that doesn’t link to client sites.
  13. We don’t use lots of spammy anchor texts on the outbound links.
  14. We don’t use any Wordpress hacks to force links to stay on the homepage any longer than usual.

We’ve been building ‘blog networks’ for over 10 years, and we’ve been hit with every google penalty known to man: learned all the lessons you need to learn the hard way. Patrick (founder of SEO Spin) has also spent thousands of dollars on courses and consultations on how to build a high quality, Google safe link resource.

Using this knowledge and experience we’ve been able to produce the current ever-growing group of websites that have been powering our SEO campaigns since 2014, and survived several Google “ PBN clampdowns” completely unscathed.

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